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Dear Web Subscribers,
  In our best efforts to continue to provide the same level of service, we are planning on performing a new system upgrade. As some of you may know, we have been using an Assessment & Software System that after 20 years has finally reached end-of-life. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  What this means to you… is that Data Specifications will change in your import process and data column’s labeled differently, there may be some gaps as we try to identify and attempt to keep service interruption at a minimum.
  Our goal is to get your data in an acceptable format that you are used to receiving. We will upgrade your current databases and files before we go LIVE with the new system; expected date-to-go-LIVE is FALL 2022. 
  We are committed to exploring options to continue this web-based management system and have asked IT to investigate and explore options. We will continue to work with our IT department in finding a viable solution that not only meets our needs at the Douglas County Assessor’s office but yours as well as a subscriber. Please email us if you have any questions using the email link below.
Douglas County Assessor’s Office

The information provided is from the Douglas County Assessor's Assessment System and the subscription is a fee-based service that provides data in downloadable formats. Please view our subscription rates here: View Subscription Rates.

To subscribe to these downloads, please email subscriptions and indicate which download you would like to purchase. 

Taxing Districts data requests $100 minimum charge. For ex: Property Owners/Addresses residing in district.


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  • 2004 to 2015 Certified Values Property Roll in .csv format
  • 2009 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2010 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2011 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2012 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2013 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2014 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2015 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2016 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2017 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2018 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2019 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2020 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2021 Certified Values Property Roll NEW!
  • Assessor Map Tax Lot Docuware Images via Assessment Search
  • Assessor Sales Letters Docuware Images via Assessment Search
  • Certified All Property Values and Present Owner (allprop.csv)
  • Certified All Property Values and Present Owner (allprop.mdb)
  • Certified PR Values only (proprol.csv)
  • Certified Residential Property Values and Present Owner (resprop.csv)
  • Certified Residential Property Values and Present Owner (resprop.mdb)
  • Farm Property Roll (farm.csv)
  • For City of Roseburg
  • For Planning Department
  • Forest Property Roll (forest.csv)
  • GIS - B_Parcels - Map Tax Lot Geometry Only
  • GIS - B_Streets - Street Geometry for Douglas County
  • GIS - B_Taxcode - Taxcode Geometry for Douglas County
  • GIS - Geoparcels - Map-Tax-Lot Geometry with Situs, Ownership, etc. (Real Property and Manufactured Homes)
  • GIS - Parcels - Map-Tax-Lot Geometry with Ownership Data (No Situs, Real Property Only)
  • Improvement Segments & Building Components(impbuild.csv)
  • Improvement Segments & Building Components(impbuild.mdb)
  • Improvements Detail (impdtail.mdb)
  • Land Property Roll (land.csv)
  • Land Segments for each property account (landsegs.csv)
  • Master Property Roll (PUBOAA.mdb)
  • MH Structures in parks (mhparks.csv)(2 of 2 files)
  • Mobile Home & Park Detail (moblhome.mdb)
  • Multi-Family (Apartment, Duplex, Fourplex, Triplex, House Conversion)(multi.csv)
  • Sales Data Last 3 Years (sales.csv)
  • Sales Data Last 3 Years (sales.mdb)
  • Free Demo - Examples of CSV files (XLS)
  • Free Demo - Improvement Segments and Building Components Impbuild.mdb (Access) (ZIP)
  • Free Demo - Improvement Segments Detailed Impdtail.mdb (Access) (ZIP)
  • Free Demo - Sales Data Last 3 Years (Access) (ZIP)

Data Codes & Descriptions