2019 Holiday / 2020 New Year Challenge!

This Challenge will run through December and January and have two parts - December's 12 Days of Fit-mas followed by a New Year Challenge in January 2020. Participants will endeavor to maintain their weight and health during the Holidays and commit to start 2020 with improved wellness in mind.


  • Use the handy December 2019 calendar (PDF) and January 2020 calendar (PDF) for daily challenges, activities, or healthy eating tips.
  • Form a team in your Department and encourage each other. The team with the most check-ins will win a prize!
  • There will also be biweekly (every other week) drawings from the participants who check in regularly.
  • Each week we will send participants reminder tips and resources for the challenge.

How to Register

Join by submitting your completed registration form by December 6th.


This 9 week challenge will focus on Healthy Eating and Exercise. Weekly check-ins are done on an "honor system."

Additional Information

If you have questions, please email your Wellness Committee.